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A New Hospitality Market

A New Hospitality Market

Bring more than just workers’ compensation to your hospitality clients with ShiftPixy.

It was so easy to get appointed with Calypso, they had me appointed in just one day after I completed my app. Now I have access to several markets I didn’t have and I am writing new business that I couldn’t write before.

N. Cohen

The customer service department at Calypso is stellar. I can’t believe how quickly they were able to turn around my quote. Sarah you are awesome. Thank you!

K. Herstam

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to expand your markets, look no further than Calypso Insurance. These people know what they are doing and their commissions are great too.

R. Long

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Quoting for your hospitality clients has never been easier.

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Save your client up to 30% on their workers’ comp rates!

Big Solutions, Big Benefits

Bringing a ShiftPixy solution to your hospitality clients pays off. This disruptive product is easy to sell - it solves some of the biggest issues facing clients operating restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality class codes.

ShiftPixy has a 90%
customer retention rate.

  • Easy To Sell
  • Competitive Commissions
  • BOR For Life
  • Automatic Renewals

Target Classes

2003 - Bakery
7198/7231 - Parcel Delivery
7380 - Drivers, Chauffeurs
8006 - Stores, Groceries
8017 - Stores, Retail
9050 - Hotels
9079 - Restaurant

Program Eligibility

Minimum Premium - $25k
Target ExMod Range - 1.20 to 2.90
Lapse In Coverage - Eligible
New Ventures - Eligible
Non-Renewed Accounts - Eligible
Available In Most States

Don’t stop with a stand-alone workers’ compensation quote. Get a ShiftPixy quote online from Tailored Solutions and offer your client a nextgen human capital management platform that’s revolutionizing workforce management.

The heart of ShiftPixy’s employment services solution is a mobile platform that solves the issue of business clients looking to fill open shifts, takes the pain out of shift scheduling, and ensures employer-related compliance.

ShiftPixy is changing the way the hospitality industry works with a robust human resources platform that combines workers’ compensation insurance with a full suite of human capital management services.

Workers' Compensation

  • AM Best Rated A+ Coverage By Accident Fund Insurance Company Of America
  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing
  • Audit-Free
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Superior Claims Management

Business Services

  • ShiftPixy Mobile Workforce Application
  • HR & Compliance Support
  • Payroll Processing
  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing
  • ACA Compliant Benefit Plans

Bring More To Your Clients

Offer your hospitality more than just workers’ comp. Offer them a comprehensive solution for their hospitality business, instead.

ShiftPixy is employee leasing 2.0, offering business owners a powerful scheduling and recruiting platform with real-time access to thousands of mobile/ contingent shift workers.

Restaurants and other hospitality businesses increasingly rely on shift, part-time, and temporary workers. Administering these shift workers can bring a host of challenges, from finding and scheduling employees to workers’ compensation and employer-related compliance responsibilities.